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Trying it is loving it! From busy parents to Chefs,
they all have a reason to love Cook4Me+.

Aussies love their Cook4Me

Whether it is for its worry-free, cook-in-no-time, easy as a child's play capabilities, or because it's a resourceful, endless source of meal ideas and inspiration, Cook4Me+ has been praised for years around Australia.
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Chefs + Cook4Me = Love

It's fast, smart and safe. The best Sous-Chef they could ever dreamed of.
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A global hit. Trusted by millions.

Cook4Me+, also known as Cookeo in some part of Europe, has been leading the way on the pressure cooker industry for years now. Gathering millions of fans all around the world: from France, to Germany, from Japan to Australia. Yes, quite a big community!

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Amazing Appliance. Love it.
Barb, Mildura

I love this appliance. It is awesome with the recipes and ingredients shown on the screen. It's so easy to use and I am not scared of it as it does it all itself. I have cooked a variety of meals in this. I have even had my grandson cooking his favorite Chicken drumsticks.

Best friend in the kitchen!
DiPie, Australia

I've used nearly everyday and we are still discovering new recipes. The way  Cook4me allows you to start a meal and let you walk away while it does its magic has really freed up so much time and being a working mum has saved my sanity!

Indian Curries done like magic!
Savy99, Queensland

It is the best gadget I bought so far.Very easy to clean and even more easier to use. Great inbuilt recipes. I use it for Asian Indian recipes and that's what makes it so special. An Indian dish like Biryani would take hours to cook, but now I can do it in 20 mins.

Best thing since sliced bread
JaneArt, South Australia

I have the best time saving item in my home. I can come home and in less than 20 minutes have a meal on the table. Curries, mince dishes, soups anything I can think of. I have two other kitchen appliances that I paid $1000 for but my Cook4Me+ is my go to for quick convenient meals

Couldn’t live without it!
Perriallyse, Qld

This machine is brilliant. The Tefal Cook4Me+ is a lifesaver in the kitchen. I’ve tried several brands of electric and stovetop pressure cookers over the years, and this machine beats them all, hands down. The ease of use with it’s digital display with built in recipes and cooking guides means anyone can use this machine.

I love cook4me!
Fluer, NSW

I bought Cook4Me just a few weeks ago and I am loving it! It is so easy to use and I am so impressed that it cooks really fast! I couldn’t believe it only took 3 mins to cook chicken tikka curry. I am expecting a baby soon and I think Cook4Me will be a life saver! It steams vegs really fast and perfectly. I highly recommend this product!!

Amazing product!!
rju87, NSW

I bought the tefal cook4me a few months ago and boy am I glad I did, i am coeliac and its so hard some times to find products that dont contain and then cooking them takes hours, but with the cook4me it frees up so much time both prep and cooking. I can not hightly recommend this product enough.

Inspirational and user friendly
Ozbaker, NSW

What I've cooked in it has been perfect..Made stunning Casseroles and Risotto to die for, and perfect Curries, and... you get the idea...Happy to report that everything I've made in this machine has turned out perfectly including both programmed recipes and adaptions of my own recipes. Still very happy with this purchase

Love it after a 12h work day
Sarah011118, QLD

Love my Cook4me+ Love that I can have lamb shanks done in 45mn or a prawn curry in 4mn. It suits my needs as a slow cooker at being on for 12h is way too long as any meal goes too mushy and the house stinks of the meal for a week. It's been a life saver, especially with the preloaded recipes. Easy to take the thinking out of what to have for dinner. Easy to clean

Best rice cooker and more!
lei2022, NSW

I’ve used Tiger for the first 20 years. I roughly used each unit for approximately 10 years each and if you’re Asian, you know that your rice is cooked perfectly each time. I decided to try it and was pleasantly surprised that my rice turned out perfectly and it was a bonus that it has multiple use.

Best multi cooker ever
Kit willow, NSW

I've had my Cook4me around 6 months I did have another one previously and I was quite happy with it and loved the look of this one and the features it has it’s the Rolls-Royce of Multi-cookers I've just made tomato relish and beetroot relish in it so quick and easy I’ve converted a lot of recipes that I enjoy making and use it for almost everything

Master Chef Made Easy. So easy!
Cindy, Australia

My Tefal Cook4Me lives up to its name and it does cook for me. It is so simple to follow the recipes and they taste fabulous, but it also cooks so well in the manual mode. It reaches such a hot temperature perfect for browning meat and onions and does simmering so well. I love that everything happens in one pot and it is so easy to clean.

Quick healthy family dinners
Summerbambina, SA

I took the plunge and bought this in January and it hasn’t moved off our kitchen bench since, we use it so frequently. I’ve made chicken ramen, Thai curries, pulled pork (which went down well with hungry boys) and even a fruit cake. Our go-to meals are the paellas and risottos and I love that it’s quick and easy to make stock from vege scraps or cooked chicken.

Perfect every time
Janet, WA

I have only had one error 24 in all the time I have used it, which is almost every night. I gave cooked all sorts of dishes including those I gave adapted my self. I have included two photos poached salmon and roast beef which I added potatoes on top of the meat and cooked together, both beef and potatoes were perfectly cooked. I highly recommend the cook 4 me + I don’t know how I did without it.

My best friend
Denmick, NSW

I have had this now for over 6 months. I was a little dubious at first but from my first dish of Chilli Jam I was hooked and off and running making curries, goulash and so many more. Have made them for my son and wife and given the Chilli Jam away reluctantly. So easy to follow the instructions and even easier to clean. More to try.

Easy to use
Julie, Australia

I bought this Cook4Me+ 4 months ago. I use it everyday. Even my husband can use it when I am not home to make his meals. Makes great meals and easy to use. Love the built in recipes.

Never been this easy
Derya, Victoria

I brought this machine a year ago and absolutely love it. It’s such a time saver and easy to follow. It has amazing recipes ready to go however you can make your own recipes as well. Dinner is full of nutrients and never been this easy. Thank you Cook4me

Awesome easy features
Clowe2020, QLD

Brought on recommendation of a friend, best decision I have made on a kitchen appliance, very easy to use and great recipes. The corn beef is the best I have tasted and fully cooked in 35minutes.


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