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Hundreds of new recipes at your fingertip, how does that sound? The Cook4Me app is the perfect companion with over 300 recipes, new recipes uploaded every month, easy on-screen step-by-step instructions, and smart shopping list features.
Say Hi to endless meal inspirations.

A world of recipes.
Nom nom.

We know you'll get to the bottom of Cook4Me+'s 150 built-in recipes, but we have great news for you! Access hundreds more recipes with our dedicated mobile App.
With new recipes added all the time, it's your perfect day-to-day companion. Say hi to a whole new world of recipe inspirations and worry-free cooking.
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Our users are lovin' it

J. Thomo - Oct 19

"I love this app it is wonderful and I really enjoy using my Cook4Me. Great recipes and even better there is always new recipes added. Everyone should have this product it is a life changer.👍"

M. Cohen - Feb 20

"Love love love this appliance. Would never have dreamed I could cook such amazing meals. Easy to follow instructions, loads of choice & turns out perfect every time. This app makes it perfect."

J. Smith - Nov 18

Love this app. So easy to use. Love how I can put in what ingredients I have in my fridge and it gives me meal ideas based on the ingredients listed. It's just so easy and convenient when planning my meals."

A. Daviz - May 19

"Really handy for ideas & a starting point. Good if you left your shopping list at home, as this has all the list of ingredients  Or if you're already out & have to think of/pick up stuff for dinner."

E. Rigg - Jan 19

I love this app and how it works to help me get the best out of my machine. Easy to use, the recipes are clear and have very 'normal' ingredients and I am very pleased to have a shopping list feature."

C. Cooper - Oct 18

"Great app which has really inspired me to start cooking more varied food because it makes it so easy! Fantastic "in my fridge" feature that helps use up ingredients you already have"

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Always in-touch

At Tefal, we love recipes collections! Not only because they are an easy way to give you access recipes ideas for every occasions, but also because they are made to follow your present and future cooking wishes, needs, and diet requirements. With new occasions packed with hand-picked new recipes and delivered on the app every month, you are sure to get inspired, try, explore, fail, nail and make the most of your Cook4Me+.

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Each step at a time

Following a recipe on the app is just like following one your Cook4Me+, a simple step-by-step...too easy! Simply press the Play button and follow each of the instructions steps. And with images of the key recipe steps you can be sure you'll nail every single meal. Sooo smart!

Make your own recipe

You can create and share your own recipe in the Cook4Me by Tefal App.

Be a part of the Cook4Me community and inspire others by sharing your recipes on the Cook4Me app with the new recipe creation feature!

Discover a world of possibilities and get inspired to cook with the hundreds of recipes on the app.

Are you ready to share your recipes? Visit our next blog for the Step-by-step guide here.

Smart features for smart cooks

Okay, our multicooker is smart and easy, but our dedicated mobile app is even smarter and more convenient! It's packed with genius features, with only one goal in mind: make the whole process of finding and cooking a meal, the easiest job in the world. Have a look at those features below:
Endless ideas in a click
Filter all recipes based on various criteria, ingredients, ratings, preparation and cooking time, or ratings from other users. And find THE recipe in a matter of seconds!
Listen to people's voice
Not sure about the result of a recipe? Just have a look at the ratings and comments from other Cook4Me+ users to make your decision. So thanks to other members of the Cook4Me community, you know where you are going!
1 fridge, 1 app, plenty of ideas
Dinner time is coming and you don't know what to put in your loved ones plates? Don't panic, list the ingredients you have in your fridge, and let the Cook4Me app do the rest. Plenty of meal ideas based on what you have, just a few minutes away. Merci!
Always in your pocket
Does forgetting your shopping list at home ring any bell to you? Fear no more with this great feature, select your recipe and add all ingredients in your list in a breeze. Plan your week meals ahead in the app, and you are sure you won't miss this curry paste ever again!
Single ingredient cooking made easy
Sometimes we all want to play it simple: cook some rice, barley, lentil, a few potatoes, a piece of veal or lamb. It's so simple with our app, just enter the ingredient's quantities, and it'll tell you how and for how long you need to cook it to perfection.
Your new recipe book!
There are so many awesome recipes on our Cook4Me app that it may be a bit hard sometimes to keep track of your favs. Not to mention that there as many favs as family members, obviously. Create your own recipe notebooks in a few clicks, so you are sure to access in a breeze, whenever and wherever.

Cook4Me by Tefal App

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